Saturday, August 3, 2019

Mt. Yale

On August 3, 2019, I had the opportunity and pleasure of hiking up Mt. Yale. At 14,198 ft, Mt. Yale is one of the 58 fourteen thousand foot peaks in Colorado. Mt. Yale is noted for its beautiful vistas and Class II scramble over rocks. A popular trail with many friendly hikers enjoying the pine scented air and spectacular scenery.

Colorado Mt. Yale forest trail       
Pine tree along the trail loaded with cones

Nearing the elevation of the tree line       
Leaving the shelter of the trees

Sun rising on the mountains       
Significant amounts of snow still left in August at these altitudes

Very upset marmot squeaking at us around 13,000 ft of elevation       
Breathtaking views

Last mile of the trail is all rocks       
No trail to follow, just keep going up

Human made rock piles (cairn) to show the best route up       
Very steep Class II scramble at the top

Happy to be at the top of Mt. Yale, 14,198 ft elevation       
Spectacular view from the top

View from the top towards the town of Buena Vista, CO